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Advion Solutions Ltd and Agens Oy (Finland) join their forces, as Advion Solutions Ltd brings the easiness of digital contract tools to the Mexican market in 2020. Agens Oy has built a platform with numerous easy to use, curated by businessmen and lawyers, digital templates that assist the user to create a contract digitally in English, customized for her specific need.

“We are excited about our go-to-market in Mexico because we see that our tools will bring immense advantages and facilitate business greatly there. It seems just the right environment for our layman-friendly platform and we wish to see also a lot of lawyers there employ the benefits our platform brings with new business models and efficiency”, states Seppo Parviainen, CEO of Agens Oy.

As the world grows smaller through digitalization and more and more of products and services face global competition, the need for quality contracts and ease of agreeing grows too. “We especially like how prompt and easy the interface is”, tells Erika Aguirre of Advion Solutions. “In the course of business, you don’t always have time for lengthy negotiations, and you need solutions here and now. This platform delivers those with ease and enables a new level of precision in more demanding negotiations as well.

It is also possible to sign documents electronically through Agens Platform, as E-signing and document management solution SignSpace has been integrated and may be used with email-identification to handle the governance of the contract in making.

( in the picture Erika Aguirre and Ari Virtanen from Advion Solutions Ltd. and Seppo Parviainen and Tuomas Huokuna from Agens Ltd)

Agens Digital Contract tools will be available through Advion Soluciones SA de CV and other Mexican distributors of Advion Solutions Ltd from April 2020. The portfolio of smart templates covers over 30 of the most frequently needed agreements and documents. The selection grows by 10 each month. Agens Oy is in Finland known for easy-to-use tools for lawyers and entrepreneurs.

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