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Advion Solutions and EPSE . co-operation in Mexico

Mexico is the second biggest economy in Latin America, sharing a long border with the USA. The main discussions today are often connected to the issue of the wall to-be-build between the two countries, leaving behind important topics like Mexico´s role in the world economy.

Mexico is a mining industry super power. According to the Mining Chamber of Mexico, Mexico was the largest producer of silver, the ninth largest producer of gold and the seventh largest copper producer in the world in 2017. At the same time, it is among the top five producers of sodium sulfide, fluorite, celestite, and wollastonite. In the large picture, Mexico produces 12 to 19 minerals year after year within the first 10 places of production globally.

There are 1,158 operating mines in Mexico, some of them with world-class mineral resources (long-term reserves) and still with large areas of the country unexplored. About 25% of the Mexican territory has been explored in detail, so there is great opportunity for the development of new projects. Importance of the mining industry in Mexico:

It gives direct employment to 384,000 people and indirectly to almost 2 million.

It represents 2.5% of the National GDP and 8.3% of the Industrial GDP.

In the last 12 years it has invested US51,400 million, equivalent to 33% of the FDI in that period, which was US155,230 million.

EPSE and Advion Solutions Ltd started their co-operation in Mexico, through Advion Soluciones SA de CV. The objectives of the establishment in Mexico is to provide the large industrial sector, added with the public environmental management with efficient and fast methods to water purification and heavy metal contamination eliminations methods. The works has been started, with the focus now on evaluating the main needs and environmental requirements for purification and to be present in the main regions in Mexico by Autumn this year

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